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OrthoDiv members save approx. 25% on courses as compared to the non-members.

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There are many benefits to being an OrthoDiv member. You can see more info here. In summary you gain:

Educational Opportunities such as:

* Orthopaedic Grand Rounds
* Free Webinars with International Experts
* Adjunct Education courses – short courses offered in-person or virtually hosted by national and international experts in the profession
* Access to the Orthopaedic Symposium offered bi-annually to connect, learn, and grow with and from some of the brightest in our field

Networking Opportunities – opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals within the profession to elevate ourselves and our community

Connected to a network of mentors - fast-track your learning and career growth by gaining access to some of the most talented physiotherapists across Canada

Access and Summarizing Current and Relevant Research including:

* Orthopaedic Division Clinical Update (ODCU)
* Evidence Express
* PICO in Practice
* The Window – BLOG

Since OrthoDiv is a branch of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA), you must register with CPA first, and join OrthoDiv via your CPA account. You can register with CPA here.

University students can join CPA and OrthoDiv for free and gain access to Member resources.

$75.00 plus tax per year.

Membership is free for students in a Masters of Physiotherapy program at a Canadian university.

The AIM Program will help you fast-track your career growth and learning. AIM is a community-based program consisting of five levels of courses accessible across the country.

The AIM program will help you acquire evidence-informed knowledge and hone your skills as a physiotherapist. The program’s format allows you flexibility, but the opportunity to learn from real patient scenarios. This provides you with advanced clinical reasoning skills, assessment and treatment techniques required to manage complex musculoskeletal conditions and evidence informed strategies to improve health outcomes.

Upon completion you will gain IFOMPT accreditation leading to Fellowship in the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapist (CAMPT) in Canada.

You can learn more here.

Individuals who are not CPA members or OD members can sign up for an AIM course or adjunct course and pay a non-members' rate and if it is an AIM course, they will receive access to the Student Resources for that Level course and the electronic manuals only.

However, to gain access to all the resources and ensure you receive discounted rates on courses, you will need to be an OD member. It is a great investment!

Course listings are found on the website for the Orthopaedic Division. These are often also available through each province’s Orthopaedic Section’s social media.

Upcoming courses can be found here.

  1. Go to Orthopaedic Division website and log in.
  2. This will take you to the Members’ Portal page and on the quick links scroll down and click the “Request JOSPT Access” button.

New access requests are sent weekly to the JOSPT team. The JOSPT team will reach out to the OD member directly with instructions on how to access.

  1. Go to Orthopaedic Division website and log in.
  2. This will take you to the Members’ Portal page and on the quick links scroll down and click on “Evidence Express”, “PICO in Practice”, “ODCU”.

Liability insurance is offered through your membership with CPA. CPA has advocated for competitive rates on behalf of its members.

New graduates get a 50% discount and members who work in the public sector get 15% off. You can find more information here.

While OrthoDiv courses will teach you manual therapy - it is only one component. You will learn:

* Advanced clinical reasoning skills
* How to manage and treat complex musculoskeletal conditions
* Best practices around education, exercise prescription, providing an accurate prognosis and preventative treatment.

It is definitely not just manual therapy!

Our focus is on bringing our members the latest research facilitating evidence-informed practice and person-centred care leading to successful health outcomes.

Courses can be posted here.

Jobs can be posted here.

The cost of posting a course or job depends on the duration of listing you choose. Currently the price ranges from $100.00 for a one month listing with one email to OrthoDiv members, to $1025.00 for a 12-month listing with that includes 24 emails to members, with 3 month and 6-month options in between. Prices are subject to change.

If you need a small change to your listing, you can contact us here at

Small changes are free of charge for the first request. For additional change requests there may be a fee. For larger changes you will need to submit a new listing.

To cancel a posting that you have previously submitted you can wait for it to expire, or you can contact us as for its immediate removal. We do not offer any refunds for cancelling a listing part way through its paid period.

The cut-off date for submitting postings for inclusion in the e-blast to members is 12:00 pm EST on the Friday prior to the upcoming e-blast. E-blasts are sent out on the first and third Monday of each month.

If you can log in and wish to change your password, you can go to the Members Portal and then click on the Your Account link at the bottom of the right sidebar menu. Then click on the link to change your password.

Alternatively, if you are currently logged in, here is a direct link to the page for changing your password.

If you are unable to remember your password, you can reset it by going to the login page and clicking on the Forgot Password link. Here is a direct link to the login page.

To update your email address, log in to and click on ‘Your Account’ at the bottom of the right-side bar menu. The following page will have a link to ‘update your profile’. You will have the option to update your email address when updating your profile.

If you are an Orthopaedic Division member, it is important that the email address in your profile is the same as the email address you have on file with CPA.

There are four awards presented annually:

David Lamb Memorial Golden Hands Award
Lyn Chapman Clinical Mentorship Award
Carol Kennedy Excellence in Teaching Award
Emerging Leadership Award

There is an educational scholarship towards an AIM Level course – Cliff Fowler Memorial Education Scholarship in the amount of $1000.00.

There are two research honorariums – Bert Chesworth Research Honorariums awarded twice per year in the amount of $1000.00 each.