The Window

Orthopaedic Division Blog - The Window   Welcome to The Window, the blog of the Orthopaedic Division. This name was chosen to represent different ideas; a means to look backward to reflect on where our profession and division has come from, a means to look forward to where we’re heading and as a means to glimpse the current practice of orthopaedic clinicians and researchers. Finally, it also represents the window of opportunity that orthopaedic practice provides, to enhance our professional learning and to empower our patients.

Is Assessing Scapular Function Worthwhile?

(7 minute-read)   Introduction (what is current practice?) Clinicians and researchers have been working hard, for a long time, to find tests and devices that can objectively measure scapular position and scapular control for patients with shoulder pathologies.  To list a few, the Palpation Meter (PALM),  3D scapular Joint Position Sense, the modified digital inclinometer,… Read more »

The Ideal Posture

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What a funny time!

Where does the strange tendency to vilify approaches that are similar rather than compare the types of patients who respond to these approaches come from? Does the literature really robustly contest these approaches? Could social media be blamed for this inability to tolerate open discussion and sharing?? The impression of being better than our predecessors:… Read more »

Physiotherapists Are Not Corn

It turns out I’m a terrible physiotherapist. If you practise in a ‘Hands On’ manner and believe everything you read online, then you might come to the conclusion that you are too. Such is the vehemence of opinion in the “Hands On Hands Off” debate on platforms such as Twitter, it seems to echo the… Read more »