Fundamentals of Therapeutic Exercise Program Design “Beyond 3 sets of 10”


• To review the three main energy systems and their contribution to exercise demands.
• To explore current theory around adaptation to cardiovascular/ musculoskeletal and mobility exercises.
• To improve understanding around measuring and monitoring training intensity.
• To explore the various principles that govern muscular strength training and how to apply in different therapeutic situations.
• To advance proficiency in overall therapeutic exercise program design.
• To examine the influence of pain/dysfunction in a rehabilitation setting and how to adapt programs.

The aim of this course is to review and enhance knowledge around the practical application of therapeutic exercise. These sessions will touch on therapeutic exercise related to cardiovascular fitness, strength and mobility. The course will be divided into two on-line sessions.

The first part will consist of 3 asynchronous videos that will be a review and update of current, research based, exercise physiology principles. This will include a brief review of anatomy and physiology of the cardiovascular and MSK systems. They will conclude with an examination of the various methods to challenge these systems and how to effectively achieve a desired goal.

The second session will be a 4hr cased based learning/discussion opportunity. As a continuation of the previous session, numerous clinical cases will be used to discuss effective application of therapeutic exercise in a rehabilitation setting. Cases will range from focused orthopeadic conditions to more advanced return to sport scenarios. There will be an opportunity for the participants to influence the direction of the focus and settings (straight forward to more complex). Time permitting there could be opportunity for participants to bring forth a current clinical case for the group to discuss and provide input.

Steve Di Ciacca, MSc (PT), BH Kin, FCAMPT, Dip Sport
Physiotherapist -FKSMC (Fowler Kennedy Sport Medicine Clinic)
Lecturer- Western University School of Physical Therapy
Research Associate – Lawson Research (Exercise and Mobility)
Program Consultant – CCAA (Canadian Center for Activity and Aging)

Steve spent 16 years a Lead Therapist and S&C coach for two of the most successful national sport organization in Canada. Recently he has stepped into an expanded role with the Western School of Physical Therapy to develop and enhance curriculum around therapeutic exercise theory and application. Therapeutic exercise has been a core component of Steve’s treatment philosophy throughout his 20+ year career.

Contact: Colleen Dorion