Level 4

Please visit link for more information and to register:

LOCATION: Treloar Physiotherapy and Virtual/Online

19Feb21 8:00-11:00 & 4:00-7:00 Virtual/Online (length may vary)
20Feb21 8:00-4:00 In-Person
21Feb21 8:00-11:00

05Mar21 8:00-11:00 & 4:00-7:00 Virtual/Online (length may vary)
06Mar21 8:00-4:00 In-Person
07Mar21 8:00-11:00

** in addition to the course times listed above, there will be at least 3 hours of at-home, individual prep/self-study per weekend

Registration Closes January 22, 2021

Contact: K MacMillan Website: https://www.karelo.com/register.php?BID=210&BT=10&Ev=19365