Course description

This two-day seminar deals with Brian Mulligan’s concept of the application of mobilization with movement (MWM), an evidence-based and effective approach in manual therapy. Seminar participants will receive access to an eight-week online preparatory program of learning. During the in-class skills component, you can expect a syllabus high on practical application with a clear understanding of the rationale for use of MWM’s in both the spine and upper extremities. Following this course, therapists should be able to effectively apply the techniques in their own practices and expect immediate positive patient outcomes.
Course outline:
• Clinical Reasoning for MWM’s
• MWM foot
• MWM ankle
• MWM knee
• MWM hip
• MWM lumbar spine


April 13-14
University of Regina
Centre for Health, Wellness and Performance
3737 Wascana Pwy. Regina
Room CK 219

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