Simplifying the Foot and Ankle – Assessment & Treatment. The EEMO Approach – NOD SHORT COURSE

Course Instructor: Jill Robertson, PT
Chief Examiner Orthopaedic Division
Part-time Academic Instructor,
School of Physiotherapy, Dalhousie University
Clinical Specialist MSK

Course dates: March 21 / 22, 2020

Course times: 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
(lunch and snacks provided; please advise of food sensitivities; please bring refillable water containers)
Registration and coffee (provided) at 8:15 am Saturday

Course content:
1. Subjective and objective assessment pearls to quickly differentially diagnose the patient’s dysfunction and the cause of the dysfunction. Conditions include:
Lateral foot pain e.g. peroneal tendinitis/osis vs sural nerve irritation
Posterior foot pain e.g. Achilles tendinitis/osis
Anterior ankle pain e.g. inf tib fib joint vs talar osseochondral defects
Medial foot pain e.g. spring ligament sprain vs tib post tendinitis
Plantar foot pain e.g. plantar fasciitis vs plantar nerve irritation
Hypomobile and hypermobile joints
Muscle imbalances
Altered neurodynamics

2. Treatment of foot and ankle conditions with:
Patient education – E
Exercise therapy – E
Manual therapy – M
Other (taping, bracing, modalities) – O


As this is a practical course, spaces are limited so register early to secure a spot. Registration deadline is February 8, 2020. Please enquire with course organizers if you wish to register past this date.

Contact: Blayne Burrows Phone: 780-977-1110 Website: