Exam Information

Challenging Level 1 – NOW FULLY ONLINE!

Effective 2021 the AIM Level 1 Challenge Exam will be presented and answered online (no paper exam booklet) and the sittings will be virtually invigilated via Zoom.

You will need two devices to take the Online/Virtual exam:

  1. One device to take the online exam (no camera required on this device – suggest laptop or desktop computer) 
  2. One device to facilitate the virtual Zoom monitoring (camera required on this device – a cellphone is acceptable).

There is also a mandatory practice test that needs to be completed in order to ensure your personal device is compatible with the exam software. 

There will be sittings available during each of the following months in 2022:

  • March, June, September & December. 
  • Sitting date & time options will be emailed to you once your application has been received.

Download detailed information about the Virtual exam process and an application form to challenge the Level 1 Exam:

Click here for Candidates Guide to Level 1 MCQ – ENGLISH 
Click here for Candidates Guide to Level 1 MCQ – FRENCH 

After reading over the document, if you have further questions regarding challenging the Level 1 Exam, you may contact Kaely MacMillan by email at orthoexams@shaw.ca.

The New Orthopaedic Division e-Manuals (online) are the suggested reference materials for Challenging the Level 1 Exam. The fee for the e-Manuals is a ONE-TIME fee of $125.00+tax which grants you access to the Clinical Techniques manual for the Level you are currently enrolled at as well as the e-Theory Manual. If you pay the $125.00 now at Level 1, you will not need to pay again at Level 2/3/4/5 so long as you enrol in a Level course every two years. If two years lapse since your last course with us, you will still have access to the online manuals, but not their future updated versions, and you would need to pay again after two years to gain access to the most up-to-date version, just like a printed textbook.

If you would like to purchase the manuals in order to prepare for the Level 1 Exam, please indicate this on your application form when registering for the exam and instructions to pay for and access the e-Manuals will be sent to you by email.


Level 2-3 Exams

Re-writing these exams after taking a course and being unsuccessful with the exam or having to make up a missed exam can be done via correspondence, similar to the procedure for challenging the Level 1 Exam.

To download information and an application form to re-write or make-up a Level 2-3 exam Virtually click here


Intermediate Practical Exam (IPE) 2023

Applications for the exam are now available on the member side of the website: APPLY NOW


Mentorship hours are due January 31, 2023.

Applicants must upload proof of completion of Level 3 courses. All applicants must be Orthopaedic Division members.

Dates for the IPE will be in April 2023. Specific dates and locations TBD.



As of Fall 2022, all Advanced Exam Candidates must have completed the following course –
The Grandfather period has lapsed, and all applicants must have proof of Course completion.
Completion of a Masters or PhD with evidence of a Critical Appraisal course within the curriculum would be exempt.


Clarification of Mentorship Requirements

During this transitional period there has been a lot of confusion regarding who is required to complete the mentorship hours. Please read below to determine whether you will need to complete the mentorship hours prior to registering for the Intermediate or Advanced Exams.


Intermediate Exam Requirements:

You must complete the 90 Mentorship hours prior to registering for the Intermediate Exam if one of the following scenarios applies to you:

  1. You registered to complete one or all components of the Intermediate Exam prior to 2005 and did not attend the Exam.
  2. You registered for one or more components of the Intermediate Exam prior to 2005 and failed all of the components for which you registered. Failure to successfully complete one or more components of the Intermediate exam prior to 2005 does not constitute successful entry into the “old system”.
  • Example 1: An individual who registered for only the case study component in 2005 and failed will be required to complete the 90 hours prior to registering for the Intermediate Exam in the future.
    You will be exempt from the 90 mentorship hours only if you successfully completed at least one component of the Intermediate Exam prior to 2005 but still have to complete the remaining component(s).
  • Example 2: An individual who registered for the case and the written components in 2005 and failed the case only, would be exempt from the 90 hours.

Advanced Exam Requirements

You must complete the 60 Mentorship hours prior to registering for the Advanced Exam if you have not yet attempted the Advanced Exam.

You will be exempt from the 60 mentorship hours only if you attempted the Advanced Exams prior to 2005 and were unsuccessful.