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On-line research course

All course participants who first registered AFTER January 2014 in our course program (L1 exam), need to register for the new course “Introduction to Clinical Research to Support Evidence-Based Practice in Manual Therapy” BEFORE registering to the 2019 Advanced Exam. This course is now an entire part of our course curriculum.

English course (Western University): Critical Appraisal and Integration of Evidence into Healthcare Practice

French course (Université Laval): Introduction à la recherche clinique appliquée à la physiothérapie manuelle orthopédique


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Location:Varies, QuebecLevel:Level 1
Start Date:January 1, 2020
Location:Quebec City, QuebecLevel:Level 3 Lower
Start Date:January 10, 2020
Level 3 UpperType:Syllabus
Location:Quebec City, QuebecLevel:Level 3 Upper
Start Date:January 16, 2020
Level 3 LowerType:Syllabus
Location:Montreal, QuebecLevel:Level 3 Lower
Start Date:January 17, 2020
Level 5Type:Syllabus
Location:Montreal, QuebecLevel:Level 5
Start Date:May 21, 2020