Physio need for a different type of clinic

I need your help to build a community of healing at Eglinton & Avenue Road

Satori Health & Wellness is expanding to a second location. This three room clinic is located in a medical building with family doctors and dentists.

The initial vision for the clinic: A focus on older adults, ahem, 40+. Call it active aging or a Medical Training Facility. Perhaps you have another idea? Let’s co-create together then.

Referral based is strong: includes doctors, dentists, and a medical esthetician in this building. We also have a local personal trainer willing to refer business. Everyone wants to help out each other in this community.

Other services in this clinic may include massage therapy and physiotherapy.

What do I think it takes to be part of this community?

• You are open minded: That is, you are willing to grow and learn as the practice builds
• You like to meet people: You don’t have to be the ultimate networker. Building links in the community and with the doctors in the medical building would be of vital importance. Still anxious? That’s okay; I’ll will be there to support you.
• You can help manage the clinic: Help run the clinic and you get a piece of the action for doing so. That’s fair, isn’t it?

Even the landlord is helping us build business. He’s very active in the community.

Not sure about your capabilities? So long as you have the technical skills, we can work together to build out your other skills. Someone who is interested in making a difference, someone who has some enthusiasm, and someone who wants to have fun along the way.

You are different, so let’s work on making a difference in the world – together. Don’t you want to be part of this community?

Contact me at
(647) 680-6106

Contact: Darrell Cheung Phone: 416-972-9355