PT or FT physiotherapist for existing caseload

Looking for PT or FT physiotherapist to take over an exiting physiotherapist’s busy caseload.

Citrus Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation has two growing multidisciplinary clinics in Etobicoke with six physiotherapists, three chiropractors, 15 physicians, including two OBGYNs, among other specialists and allied health care practitioners, who work together seamlessly to optimize patient outcomes.

We have a large rehab gym that features a Woodway treadmill and Hammer Strength squat rack with incline bench, rubberized free weights and bumper plates, and a polished concrete floor. In addition to typical rehabilitation exercises, your clients can progress to proper heavy deadlifts and squats, Olympic lifting, bench press, bent-over row, pull-ups, wall ball toss, jumping, running, sprinting, cutting and agility drills.

We have a full complement of other equipment and modalities, including a shockwave machine.

There are both open concept and private treatment spaces available, depending on your preference.

Our focus is exercise-based rehabilitation and manual therapy. The rehabilitation professionals do weekly physiotherapy and multidisciplinary education sessions to establish best practices and practice manual therapy skills from the CPA’s Orthopaedic Division syllabus. The clinic director is an FCAMPT who is available for regular mentorship.

The ideal candidate would be a confident physiotherapist with an aptitude for manual therapy who is committed to continuing education in the Orthopaedic Division curriculum. It’s helpful if you’re familiar with various sports, fitness and strength training, and have a commitment to quality patient education and treatment planning.

Contact: Justin Vanderleest Phone: 647-533-4933