September 2010 – Editorial Helping Hands Erik J. Schmidt BA Hons. Kin, MScPTLet’s take a moment and give a hand to physiotherapists across Canada. Why? A number of reasons are readily on hand, but in this case it’s for being so handy when it comes to hand rehabilitation. No joke!… Read More.. CURRENT ISSUE: September 2010 Volume 23, No. 3 As we journey into an exciting two years, I wanted to begin my inaugural report from the chair with a sincere thank-you to the previous chair, Jill Robertson, and the outgoing Orthopaedic Division executive for their hard work and dedication to the advancement of Orthopaedic physiotherapy in this country. Without their tireless efforts, successful events involving education, CPA Congress, and many more day-to-day events involving the interest of Orthopaedic physiotherapy would not be achieved. View Full Article Proprioception of the Wrist Joint: A Review of
Current Concepts and Possible Implications on
the Rehabilitation of the Wrist

Reprinted with permission from the Journal of Hand Therapy
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Principles of Metacarpal and Phalangeal Fracture Management: A Review of Rehabilitation Concepts
Reprinted with Permission from J Orthop Sports Phys Ther 2004;34:781-799 http://www.jospt.org/
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The Effects of Strength Training among Persons with Hand Osteoarthritis: a Two-Year Follow-up Study

Reprinted with kind permission from J HAND THER. 2007;20:244–50.
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Treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome
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