Sep – Oct 2011 Editorial The craniovertebral junction marks the complicated transition from the head to the neck. This small, two-joint region is biomechanically responsible for protecting its intricate anatomical contents, while upholding a significant amount of mobility. Read More… CURRENT ISSUE: Sep – Oct 2011 Volume 24, No. 3 As we roll into the fall season, we are coming off an educational high following CPA Congress 2011 in Whistler, BC. The BC hospitality was exceptional and the venue was spectacular. The educational quality of Congress was the highlight of the week. Our keynote speakers enlightened the audience and division members with clinically applicable evidence-based information. The feedback that we received from the Congress participants was very positive. Dr. Michele Sterling provided an excellent 2-day consolidation and clinical application of the latest research in managing whiplash associated disorders. Her course was very well received by the course participants. Our executive would like to pay special thanks to Ashley Smith, our special events and Congress liaison, for his tireless efforts in making Congress a success! Thanks is also extended to the CPA for their partnership in making Congress a special event. View Full Article Ligaments of the craniocervical junction
R. Shane Tubbs, M.S., P.A.-C., Ph.D.,1 Just in D. Hallock, M.D.,2 Virginia Radcliff, M.D.,1 Robert P. Naftel, M.D.,1 Mart in Mort azavi, M.D.,1 Mohammadali M. Shoja, M.D.,3 Marios Loukas, M.D., Ph.D.,4 and Aaron A. Cohen-Gadol, M.D., M.Sc.3

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Standardization of AdverseEvent Terminology and Reportingin Orthopaedic Physical Therapy:
LISA C. CARLESSO, PT, MSc¹Joy C MacDermid, PT, PhD²Lina P. Santaguida, PT, PhD³
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Cervical Arterial Dysfunction:Knowledge and Reasoning forManual Physical Therapists

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The Craniovertebral Ligaments -A directional guide for testing
Amy Fahlman BSc.PT, MClSc(manip),Lenerdene Levesque BSc.PT, MClSc(manip), FACMPT, Carol Kennedy BSc.PT, MClSc(manip), FCAMPT Read More Whiplash Associated Disorders
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