Networking with your Peers

The Orthopaedic Division works to promote excellence in orthopaedic physiotherapy through local and national networking opportunities and events. Orthopaedic physiotherapists, recent graduates, and students can collaborate, learn, and network with like-minded peers who have a special interest in treating neuromusculoskeletal problems and helping patients. Members also gain access to the annual symposium and other events at a special rate, and local sections host events regularly throughout the year.

We’re committed to building a community of physiotherapists to learn from each other and share the latest evidence-informed assessment procedures and treatment interventions. Through networking and peer-to-peer learning, orthopaedic physiotherapists are able to deliver effective, focused treatment and management options to improve function, pain and quality of life


Members of the Orthopaedic Division can post or apply to job, volunteer, and mentorship opportunities available across Canada through our regularly updated database. Volunteering and mentoring not only encourage the growth of orthopaedic physiotherapy by offering more programs and opportunities to individuals enrolled in an educational program, they also promote professional development through the acquisition and application of new skills. View the full list of job and volunteer opportunities or apply to be a mentor.

Bursaries and Awards

As part of our commitment to furthering education, bursaries, awards and grants are available for students who are in need of financial support. Through our affiliation with the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, we are able to assist students in the advancement of their education and skills, and support the next generation of orthopaedic physiotherapists who will be working to improve the health and lives of individuals across the country.

View the complete list of awards, grants and bursaries.