Orthopaedic Division Student Representative Recruitment Initiative

The National Orthopaedic Division is proud of the progress with this initiative headed by Anthony Teoli.The project involved recruiting student representatives for the division from various physical therapy programs across Canada, with the intent to have a voice from each of the Canadian programs. The reasons for this initiative are two-fold: to facilitate communication between physical therapy students across Canada and the Orthopaedic Division, and to allow students to take on a new role that would enhance their leadership, communication and networking capabilities. We are excited to share the list of current representatives and looking forward to obtaining representation from all. Please connect with Anthonyteoli@gmail.com with any questions or if you are interested in finding out more!

Alberta:Kevin Trinh
Saskatchewan: Matthew Crockford
Manitoba: Julie Medwid
British Columbia: Jayten Patel
Ottawa: TBD
Toronto: Soroush Peyvandi
McMaster: TBD
Western: Ty Perry
Queen’s: Sasha Guay
Montreal: TBD
McGill: Zachary Weber
Laval: Emilie Renaud-Lafrance
Dalhousie: Michael Monk