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Vol31N1 – Concussions

Editorial March-April 2018: Concussions In the past few years, concussions have become a mainstay topic of conversation among the media, health professionals, and the general public.The last edition of the ODR that centered around the topic of concussions was in 2011. Since then, there have been many advancements in the area of diagnosis, treatment, rules... Read more »


Orthopaedic Division Review Editorial May-June 2017 – To operate or not to operate, that is the question As orthopaedic physiotherapists we see many conditions that can be managed either conservatively or with surgical interventions. Patients often seek the advice of their physiotherapist about whether surgery is necessary or if physiotherapy can manage their condition. In... Read more »


Orthopaedic Division Review Editorial Mar-Apr 2017 -Electrophysical Agents: To use or not to use… Electrophysical Agents (EPA) or modalities like ultrasound (US), interferential current (IFC), and Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve… Read More Report from Chair We are three weeks away from our face-to-face Strategic Planning in Ottawa! We have been email and teleconference crazy, in preparation... Read more »


Orthopaedic Division Review Editorial Nov-Dec 2016 – Injury 3 P’s: Prediction, Prognosis and Prevention As orthopaedic physiotherapists we are all familiar with assessing an injury and working to return our patient to their previous level of function. Read More Report from Chair I’m preparing this report during our Division Chairs Committee meetings in Toronto. At... Read more »


Orthopaedic Division Review Editorial Sep-Oct 2016 – “Back” to Basics: an overview of the spine Its fall, which for many means “back to school” or maybe just “back to routines”, so for this edition of the Orthopaedic Division Review we decided to focus on the “back” or more specifically the spine. Read More Report from... Read more »


Orthopaedic Division Review Editorial May-June 2016 – Patient management; What makes Athletes Different Right on the heels of another successful CPA congress and a very insightful and engaging Orthopedic Division Symposium, Read More Report from Chair As we approach Symposium, AGM, and CPA Congress.. Read More Clinical Tidbits Whether you are treating a sedentary office... Read more »


Orthopaedic Division Review Editorial March – April 2016 – Therapeutic alliance: the non-tangible side of treament As physiotherapists we like to touch and feel, to be able to put our hands on the problem and fix it. We are very particular about our techniques, the exercises we prescribe and the outcomes we can measure… Read... Read more »


Orthopaedic Division Review Editorial Nov – Dec 2015 -The Thoracic Spin: A Mystery or The Answer ? With the weather turning colder, we tuck our hands in close and draw our shoulders forward as we curl into a ball to retain some of that warm body heat. As patients enter our clinics in this huddled... Read more »


Orthopaedic Division Review Editorial Sep – Oct 2015 – Pain sciences for the orthopedic physiotherapist: educating patients about their pain Hello everyone and welcome to the first edition of the 2015-2016 ODR cycle. Julie and I are excited to be working together to bring you insightful and clinically relevant information that will enhance your practices.... Read more »


Orthopaedic Division Review Editorial May – June 2015 – Interdivisional Collaboration 4: Oncology and Orthopaedics For my final edition as Senior Editor of the ODR, I am excited to bring you this collaboration between the Orthopaedic and Oncology Divisions in which our contributors discuss oncological issues that relate to orthopaedic physiotherapists. As the rate of... Read more »