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Orthopaedic Division Review Editorial March – April 2015 – Interdivisional Collaboration 3: Osteoarthritis from Paediatrics to Seniors  In this issue, we explore opposite ends of the spectrum of chronic conditions; the more familiar conditions of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis affecting seniors and the perhaps less familiar end of the spectrum involving paediatric injuries that predispose these... Read more »


Orthopaedic Division Review Editorial Nov – Dec 2014 – Interdivisional Collaboration 2: Pelvic Health Hello! Welcome to the second edition of our 2014-2015 Interdivisional ODR cycle. Thanks to all who provided positive feedback about the September/October edition of the ODR which was a collaboration between the Orthopaedic Division and the Neurosciences Division.. Read More Report... Read more »


Orthopaedic Division Review Editorial Sep – Oct 2014 – Interdivisional Collaboration 1: Vestibular Rehabilitation As the seasons chart to change (summer seems to just be starting in South-West Ontario!), we begin our new cycle of the Orthopaedic Division Review. First, I would like to say a warm welcome to Evelyn Etruw, our new Junior Editor... Read more »


Orthopaedic Division Review Editorial May – June 2014 – Advanced Practice Physical Therapy When we started to work on this edition back in the fall, we had the goal of clarifying what Advanced Practice Physical Therapy (APP) meant across Canada. With this goal in mind, we sought to find answers though interviewing clinicians, contacting provincial... Read more »


March – April 2014 – Nutrition and Tissue Healing This spring, we at the Orthopaedic Division Review (ODR) would like you to take a step back and reflect on how much proper nutrition can affect your treatment plans. How much do you know about nutrition and tissue healing? Can you name any dietary factors that... Read more »


Nov – Dec 2013 – Myofascial Pain What is your comfort level with treating myofascial dysfunction? What techniques do you use? What techniques are the most effective? We were inspired in creation of this edition of the Orthopaedic Division Review by the theme of next year’s symposium, where myofascial pain and treatment will have a... Read more »


Sep – Oct 2013 – Neurodynamics It always seems to me September is a month of change. As students return to the classroom and summer transitions into fall, the weather, our surroundings, and our lifestyles all change. This edition also brings with it change. Thanks to the feedback of our membership, we have elected to... Read more »


May – June 2013 – Editorial The topic of TMJ management is the focus of this edition of the Orthopaedic Division Review (ODR). Treatment of this region has been an interest of mine for quite some time, and I am excited to present some current evidence in this field! Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD) can be... Read more »


March – April 2013 – Editorial I have dedicated my final edition of the Orthopaedic Division Review to my first love… running. For me there is nothing more freeing than feeling the ground under my feet; just me and the elements on a long difficult run.And as one of the fastest growing sports worldwide, many... Read more »


Nov – Dec 2012 – Editorial This edition of the Orthopedic Division Review (ODR)was inspired by an exceptional panel discussion that occurred at the International Federation of Manual and Manipulative Physical Therapists (IFOMPT) Conference in Quebec City regarding tendinopathy. Read More.. CURRENT ISSUE: Nov – Dec 2012 Volume 25, No. 4 Greetings to all! Since... Read more »