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01 March 2010 – Editorial With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility – Spiderman, 1962Medication can be a powerful tool in addressing multiple health issues, and is usually one of the first forms of medical intervention. The complexity of some modern medications can be daunting for clinicians in knowing both their proposed benefits and side effects.... Read more »


Editorial Nov-Dec 2017 – “Chronic Ankle Instability” Most people experience a twisted ankle in their lifetime and one of the common questions a client can ask in a clinic setting is to understand what is typical ankle sprain. An orthopaedic physiotherapist will encounter ankle sprains in their clinical environment and learns to appreciate the frustration... Read more »


Editorial Sep-Oct 2017 – “Long Thoracic Nerve: understanding and identifying a palsy” An orthopaedic physiotherapist will assess the shoulder numerous times in their career and yet each assessment is unique resulting in different outcomes and treatments approaches. For example, the contribution of the serratus anterior muscle with its innervation and its impact on the shoulder... Read more »