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May - June 2014 - Advanced Practice Physical Therapy
When we started to work on this edition back in the fall, we had the goal of clarifying what Advanced Practice Physical Therapy (APP) meant across Canada. With this goal in mind, we sought to find answers though interviewing clinicians, contacting provincial and territorial governing bodies, and conducting a literature search.
May - June 2014 Volume 27, No. 2

Some 27 years ago I had the good fortune of working closely with an orthopaedic surgeon. In fact, we had our offices next door to each other and being young and single (no responsibilities) I even helped to assist in surgery. Needless to say, I learned an extensive amount and these early clinical experiences shaped my future to drive towards expanded practice for the Physiotherapy profession.

1. Advanced practice physiotherapy in patients with musculoskeletal disorders: a systematic review
François Desmeules1,2,3*, Jean-Sébastien Roy5,6, Joy C MacDermid7,8, François Champagne2, Odette Hinse3 and Linda June Woodhouse4,9
2. Clinical Reasoning and Advanced Practice Privileges Enable Physical Therapist Point-of-Care Decisions in the Military Health Care System: 3 Clinical Cases
Daniel I. Rhön, Gail D. Deyle, Norman W. Gill

3. The role of MRI in musculoskeletal practice: a clinical perspective
Gail Dean Deyle

Hidden in Plain Sight

The Current State of Advanced Physiotherapy Practice

Neural Prolotherapy

Outcome Measure Knowledge

British Columbia
Nova Scotia