Policy Regarding Research Advertisement and Recruitment

The Orthopaedic Division supports physiotherapy-related research that aims to improve the health and rehabilitation outcomes for all Canadians. We will provide the following assistance to researchers who are conducting studies that support the goals of the CPA and/or the Orthopaedic Division

  1. Post advertisements or links to electronic surveys for research studies on the Orthopaedic Division website.
  2. Send an advertisement for research studies or a link to electronic surveys in an e-blast to members.

We invite researchers to provide one or more of the following to the Orthopaedic Division as a return/in-kind contribution for assisting with research:

  1. A brief summary of the research results to be placed on the website or e-blasted to members
  2. An article related to the topic of the research study to be published in an upcoming Orthopaedic Division newsletter

The following are the requirements of the Orthopaedic Division prior to providing any of the above assistance options to a researcher.

  1. Title of the study, names of principal and co-investigators, and principal investigator’s contact information, including email address and telephone number.
  2. Research Proposal – A 2-page max summary including:
    1. Background/rationale
    2. Objectives
    3. Methodology – including any text and/or links that the researcher wishes to be sent out (in an additional word document.), specific timing request for e-blast, and study timetable
    4. Knowledge translation plan – including timing and methods
  3. A copy of the Research Ethics Board approval certificate
  4. An acknowledgement to the Orthopaedic Division in any publication of study results. Potential wording “We acknowledge the assistance of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association’s Orthopaedic Division..”

The Orthopaedic Division reserves the right to edit the advertisement as needed to fit space and formatting restrictions.

To advertise research with us, please e-mail the above to kt.orthodiv@gmail.com.