A Message From The Chair – August 2023

Published on August 14, 2023 by Meghan Curle
Category: General
Meghan Curle


In recent years, I have learned more than ever that our profession is comprised of dedicated professionals invested in seeing Physiotherapy grow and evolve. Some of you are clinicians working hard every day to improve the life of clients who seek their expertise, some are researchers contributing to the scientific body of evidence to help inform our practice. Some are academics supporting the growth of our profession within our country’s professional programs and some are leaders who are taking innovative approaches and sharing their expertise to make an impact within our communities. What I also know to be true is that in many cases, it is impossible to isolate only one of these roles within each of your, or your colleagues’ actions. These roles are often blended. We are a profession made up of focused, and driven people set on making a difference. As I write to you in my first ‘message from the Chair’, I want to say that I am continually humbled by the unwavering dedication that each and every one of you invest into your practice. No matter your arena. Thank you for doing what you do.


Recently, at CPA Congress in Quebec City, I had the pleasure of meeting with fellow Division Chair’s and members of the CPA’s team to discuss our role as Physiotherapists in the larger healthcare community. With a newly re-organized structure, the CPA has gathered momentum and is well invested in advocating on our behalf with members of government where they have showcased Physiotherapy’s role in providing care to members of our communities. Not only have some of these efforts come to fruition, but there was also time spent in open discussion across all Division Chair’s to help guide continuing efforts. You can learn more about the Position Paper from the Physiotherapy Profession: A Key Player in Realizing the Action Plan for Pain in Canada, showcased during National Physiotherapy Month here .


At home here in the Orthopaedic Division, I want to take a minute to commend those of you who were able to attend our first in-person Symposium, partnered with our colleagues of CAMPT, in Winnipeg, Manitoba this last April. The event was a great success showcasing international and local speakers, amazing opportunities for networking and reconnecting with peers, and providing an opportunity to celebrate our colleagues as recipients of the David Lamb Memorial Golden Hands Award (Heather Gillis and Francois Landry), the Bert Chesworth Research Honorarium (Adriana Richard and Riaz Ingar), the Lynn Chapman Mentorship Award (Stéphane Lamy, Terry Woodard, Tim Rogers, Parag Shah, and Vince Cunanan), and the Carol Kennedy Excellence in Teaching Award (Ève Chaput). It was great to see such a strong local presence as well as members from coast to coast. I am also excited to have seen such a strong contingent of students at this year’s event. Thank you to the Winnipeg Local Committee! We look forward to seeing everyone again for Symposium 2025 in Kelowna, BC.


Busy in the background at OD, knowledge translation initiatives continue to be developed and offered to help get the evidence to you. Members of the OD committees are dedicated to creating ready-to-use resources that are easy to access and applicable across a variety of topics and practice contexts. During your summer reading, be sure to take a moment to explore the newly re-designed Evidence Express that will now be released bi-monthly. You will also have noticed a wealth of live offerings in the previous months via Webinars and Grand Rounds.  Stay tuned for the second edition of the PICO in Practice coming soon, and don’t forget the ongoing ODCU editions, new and old available within your member’s portal.


Lastly, after being approached by motivated members interested in getting involved at both CPA Congress and our OD Symposium, I want to share the following. As you may know, the OD is comprised of over 4500 members from across the country. With our continued efforts to create resources, top-tier educational offerings in addition to our internationally accredited AIM program, there is always room for eager members to get involved. The OD is dedicated to offering content in both official languages as well as ensuring new and exciting learning opportunities get to you. So, if you are interested in sharing your skills and getting involved, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Thanks for reading and thank you for your dedication. Wishing you all a rejuvenating summer season.

Meghan Curle

Chair, Orthopaedic Division of CPA