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IPE and APE Practical Dates Announced

Intermediate Practical Exams Spring 2021 The exam will be held on the following dates; Vancouver: April 17-18, 2021 Alberta: April 24-25 & May 15-16, 2021 (depending on enrollment) Saskatchewan: April 24-25, 2021 Manitoba: May 15-16, 2021 Montreal: April 24-25, 2021 (French & English candidates) Ontario: April 24-25 & May 15-16, 2021 (depending on enrollment) Atlantic…

New Orthopaedic Division Clinical Update (ODCU): COVID-19 Rehabilitation

Vol34 No 1 – COVID-19 REHABILITATION   In this edition of the ODCU, we evaluated the latest research on the physical implications and rehabilitation from a COVID-19 infection. READ NOW  

National Orthopaedic Division – 2021 Call for Executive Members

The National Executive is looking for four positions to be filled at this year’s National Orthopaedic Division Annual General Meeting via Zoom on Wednesday June 2nd from 7-9pm EST. Roles to be filled: Special Projects Chair Knowledge Translation Chair Treasurer Junior Resource Chair Interested Candidates, please read the positions that are available and the associated…

IPE and APE (Practical) Update

The IPE and Advanced Exam (practical component) will be offered in the Spring of 2021. Dates and locations are still being determined. Please continue to monitor this website for developments.

New Orthopaedic Division Clinical Update (ODCU): Cervical Artery Dysfunction

Vol33 No 6 – Cervical Artery Dysfunction   In this edition, we evaluate the latest research on Cervical Artery Dysfunction. You will learn all about the risk factors, clinical presentation, screening, effectiveness of vertebrobasilar insufficiency tests, and more. READ NOW  

IDEA Resources – Addressing Inequity, Discrimination, Equity & Anti-racism in Physiotherapy

Learning and Unlearning: Tools to address Inequity, Discrimination, Equity and Anti-racism in Physiotherapy   Discrimination is a powerful determinant of health. In recent months, we have heard loud and clear that we need to change consider and reflect on our behaviours as they relate personally, in our clinical practices and beyond to support meaningful, lasting…

Postponed APE (Practical) 2020 and IPE 2021

It is the intention of the AIM program to offer the Practical component of the Advanced Exam, as well as an Intermediate Practical Exam, in early Spring of 2021. The confirmation of dates and locations is still to be determined. Please continue to monitor this website for developing details.

New Orthopaedic Division Clinical Update (ODCU): The Therapeutic Alliance – Now Live

Vol33 No 4 – The Therapeutic Alliance   Greetings from the NOD Resource Team, Your Resource Team has been busy putting together this edition of the ODCU, which is centred around strategies that we can all employ to better the therapeutic alliance we have with our patients/clients. READ NOW  

Orthopaedic Division Clinical Update (ODCU) Running

Vol33 No 3 – Running   Greetings from the NOD Resource Team, Over the past few months, in light of recent course cancellations, the NOD resource team has been providing additional resources to our members. We were thrilled to see such large numbers at our webinars with Jill Robertson and Dr. Jen Irwin. Since recently…

Online Annual General Meeting

The OD will be hosting our Annual Meeting virtually on May 20th from  7pm-9pm. We welcome ALL members to attend, to share your voice. The membership of OD is more than 5000 strong- with your ideas and vision, we can make a lot of noise! Register