Golden Hands Award Winner – Pat Fonstad – 2016

“Often deals with people who were severely affected, whom have had no response to other treatment , and she gives them their lives back. ”

“She gives her heart to all her patients … she did not want to be beaten by any condition.” Her patients would say “Golden Hands and Heart”.

  • Dedication to the profession is unparalled
  • 1st class of DSc PT students at Andrews University, finishing ahead of schedule with full honors
  • Since 2007 an adjunct faculty at Andrews University, lead teacher for medical diagnostics or imaging techniques for physiotherapists
  • Her compassion for her patients is outstanding … she provides relief to &, more importantly, the gift of hope to many patients affected by severe chronic pain

Kathy Berglund Andrews University, USA

  • Instrumental in developing the diagnostic imaging course for physiotherapists in Alberta.
  • She was one of the pioneers in leading the curriculum development, working through many challenging issues and always with diplomacy.

Dianne Millette, PT, MHSc.
Registrar and CEO
Physiotherapy Alberta – College + Association

  • A trailblazer in her approach to orthopaedic practice
  • Positive influence to PT practice… a front‐runnerin evidence based theory & practice
  • A sharing spirit & thirst for knowledge that will sustain our profession for a lifetime to come

Rolly Lavallée
Education Committee Chair OPD CPA

  • Renaissance lady
  • Kind & compassionate practitioner
  • Clinical maverick with novel ideas & insight
  • An accomplished author & researcher delving into conditions & treatments of the hip / prolotherapy
  • Aligning & leading the way with the medical team in tackling complicated MSK & chronic pain patients

Michael Westaway Physiotherapist collaborator & colleague

  • Trusted advisor, mentor & friend
  • Many a personal & professional issue been hammered out at Pat’s home around their dinner table, glass of wine in hand!
  • Gifted, natural teacher: She is an asker of questions vs a provider of answers
  • As a fearless advocator for patients … “Not all patients are easy but we have to love them all”
  • Pat words of wisdom: “Never, Ever Give Up”

Diana Roylance Physiotherapist colleague

    • Respected within medical community: thorough examination; appropriate clinical reasoning & patient management.
    • Instrumental in pursuit of knowledge … prolotherapy & its role in patient management
    • Led the way with the 1st practitioners, fostering relationships and brought us into these networks. Thank you Pat!
    • Ahead of her time … complex patients took time to evaluate & MANAGE to address the biopsychosocial concerns that dominated their clinical presentation.
  • Developedprofessional rates for her services that have withstood the test of time and continued to increase.
  • Demonstratedleadership, moving away from the former ‘biomechanical’ model into the biopsychosocial era – not by dismissing her hands but, by integrating & using them to aid patient management.

Dr Ashley Smith, PhD
Postdoctoral Research Fellow U of Queensland

  • Her presence, impeccable posture & positiveness … a very extraordinary person
  • In her world, anything can be mastered, she does everything so very well.
  • Takes Anatomy & Physiology books on holidays to read!
  • Passionate Maverick: 40 years ago, she wore “hotpants” & carried a silver bullet in her pocket to give to patients if they needed something to bite on!

Lillian Rehak
40+ yr personal & professional friend

  • One of the first clinical specialists in Canada – she always tells students to …
    “Be the best you can be – don’t accept mediocrity”

Carol Miller
Physiotherapist & Professional Practice