Golden Hands Award Winners – Jackie Sadi & Laurie Urban – 2017

Jackie Sadi – Golden Hands 2017


David Lamb was someone who left the Manual Therapy world far too early in his career to appreciate the full impact he had on physiotherapy in Canada. Many of our leaders do not live long enough to see how their dreams and aspirations come to fruition. However, I know if David were here tonight, he would be extremely proud that one of HIS mentees could be here to honor one of HER mentees. David Lamb was all about life-long learning and giving back to the profession. One of David’s goals was to have the Canadian Orthopaedic Division’s Education system integrated into the university system. I know David would be extremely pleased to see that now in 2017, three programs have been established. Of course personally, I am very proud to see how the first program at Western has flourished the last seven years under the leadership of this year’s Golden Hand’s Recipient.

I have known Jackie Sadi for over 30 years – having taught her as an undergraduate at Western. I wish I could say she was a shining star at that time, but I really have been racking my brain to remember her strengths among a very memorable class. I do know she was always up for a party – and often included me. We worked on her handling skills as she developed her way through the EV series. Jackie completed her exams by 1999 and her Masters in Physical Therapy in 2005. In 2012, she became one of the first Clinical Specialist in Musculoskeletal in Physical Therapy awarded by the Canadian Physiotherapy Association. She is currently a full time faculty member at Western University, as well as an instructor and Examiner within the orthopaedic system. Jackie’s passion for patient care has her working at two clinics on a weekly basis. She is a sought after clinician by many patients throughout southwestern Ontario. Her best friend and business partner, Wendy McCann shared their experience in setting up ProMotion Physiotherapy – a business that provides treatment to onsite manufacturing companies. “In 1990 when most physiotherapists worked in hospital settings and were government funded, we provided onsite services to some of the largest auto manufacturing companies in southwestern Ontario. We received a seven year accrediataton award from CPA . Jackie felt it was important to showcase the flexbility of the Physiotherapy profession. “– Jackie was already a forward thinker.

Jackie has been involved with 12 thesis projects and has published in seven peer reviewed journals including Physical Therapy in Sport, Manual Therapy and the Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation. She is presently involved with 3 ongoing research projects, 2 masters and 1 PhD. Her commitment to research is astonishing given the numerous projects she is active in across the country.

Heather Gillis wrote in her letter of support of Jackie’s nominaton, “Her professional leadership is demonstrated through her commitment to the integration of innovative instructional methods aimed at the sound development of clinical reasoning, student engagment within the process of higher learning and resolute integration of scientific evidence into her teaching.”

Jackie has volunteered at the local, national and international level for the promotion of Manual Therapy and has been on numerous organizing committees for symposia in London and IFOMT. In 2014, she received the Marilyn Robinson Award for Excellence in Teaching which is the highest honor awarded to full time faculty at Western.

The most impressive charateristic of Jackie’s career is her connection to students throughout the system, starting with the MPT course and extending to the advanced Orthopaedic exams and Clinical Masters . I need to commend Laura Ritchie, past chair of the London Unit for organizing Jackie’s nomination. Even though the application instructions specifially say to send 3 letters of support, Laura ignored that rule and recruited a letter from students in every province in Canada – except the territories. That will be Jackies next challenge to train a manual therapist there! I wish there was time to read them all, they are so heartfelt and touching but I will share a few with you.

From Chris Murphy in PEI “In my career I have had the opportunity to practice around the globe… without a doubt Jackie has stood out not only as an exceptional person but a one of a kind clinician and I am grateful for the opportunity to have been mentored by her.”

Jeff Van Huizan wrote “ Being from Vancouver, it was interesting to see the professional connectons that Jackie has established across the country …. She demonstrated an awareness of various practice leaders in the provinces as well as understanding the dynamics of the provincial education institutions and associations.”

Some of the adjectives used to describe Jackie in many of the letters are…sense of humour, humility, collegiality, approachabilty, incredible balance of work and play, humble, nuturing, outgoing personality, excellent people skills, strong work ethic and an incredible self motivator. I am extremely proud to not only call Jackie my student but one of my best friends.

One of the most poignant letters was from Greg Alcock. “Jackie is not afraid to question convention or dogma but does so in a way that is not controversial or diversive. Now more than ever our profession needs leaders with these qualities to help guide and mentor our profession.”

So as you can see David would have been very proud of Jackie . Unlike some of us who have received this award at our retirement , I have it by good source that she will continue to develop innnovative educational tools, carry on sound research projects and promote evidence based practice for some years to come.

I am so honoured to present the Golden Hands Award for 2017 to my friend Jackie Sadi.

— Bev Padfield

Laurie Urban – Golden Hands 2017


Presenting speech coming soon.