Lynn Chapman Award Winners – 2021

Alison Beaton

The recipient of this year’s Lynn Chapman’s mentorship award is a dedicated physiotherapist. She leads by example with class, impossible energy, and grace. She is dependable and generous with her time for anything her mentees may need personally or professionally with steady attention. These qualities make her the ideal mentor and friend. We are so grateful to have front row seats to watch the universe conspire in her favour.

Darcy Doyle

Darcy DoyleDarcy embodies what it means to be a great mentor, colleague, and role model. Through his endless support, he provides his mentees with numerous career opportunities and assists with the development of their advanced skills in orthopaedic practice. He is passionate about investing his time into others and is committed to high-quality patient care and advocacy. The Lynn Chapman Mentorship Award was founded on these qualities; the same attributes Darcy exemplifies in his personal and professional life. Darcy has made an immeasurable contribution to the physiotherapy profession by sharing his knowledge and expertise with the current and future generations of physiotherapists.”

Allison Gaudet

Allison GaudetAllison’s ability to facilitate comprehensive and collaborative discussions across multiple mentoring formats showcases her unique ability to adapt, accommodate, and challenge ideas while ensuring a safe and creative learning environment. She exudes an immense passion for integrating evidence, translating knowledge, and going above and beyond. Her kindness, strong values towards honest and deliberate practice, her ability to coach and adapt, and her genuine passion for our profession are inspiring.

It is through her immense dedication to our profession that she has, and continues to, support countless students during their advanced manual therapy education as a mentor, a coach, and a role model.

Allison’s efforts continue to be monumental in encouraging her fellow clinicians to learn and grow and it is through these efforts that she has been able to play such an integral role in supporting our profession in providing exceptional care to our communities.

Congratulations Allison.

Rob Holmes

Rob Holmes“This year’s winner of the Lynn Chapman Mentorship Award is an outstanding teacher who has spent countless unpaid hours guiding young professionals on their career paths. His mentees sing his praises not only because of the valuable clinical skills he teaches, but because of the passion for his profession that is instilled in them by simply being in his presence.

HIs tireless pursuit of delivering outstanding care has been passed down to his many mentees who strive for his seemingly effortless knack for authentic patient report.

The impact this man has made on so many careers is vast and second only to his humbleness. He has single-handedly changed the rehabilitation landscape in Calgary while never asking anything in return. He truly exemplifies the very essence of mentorship”

– Anne Fleming

Sabrina Morelli

Sabrina MorelliSabrina Morelli personifies the meaning of mentor. She is inspirational, motivating, self-less, and empathetic. She strives for excellence and encourages this in others. Sabrina believes in education and is actively involved as a mentor to many of her colleagues and a teaching assistant at U of T Department of Physical Therapy. She is dedicated to promoting and advancing our profession, while helping others reach their goals.




Jaymi Zurek

Jaymi ZurekJaymi is the prototypical orthopaedic physiotherapy mentor.

It is hard not to be drawn to her – her empathy, approachability, and affability make her easy to engage with, and her skill and professional demeanor make her a valuable clinical resource. She has the gift of being able to make those around her feel comfortable and praiseworthy, no matter their age or level of clinical experience. She is indeed a teacher, a sponsor, an advisor, a role model, a coach, and a confidant to her colleagues.

Jaymi epitomizes the values embodied by the Lynn Chapman Award, and it is with great honour that we recognize her commitment to our profession.