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The Stubborn Ankle

Presented by the Adjunct Education Committee of the National Orthopaedic Division

During this session, a young RCMP officer with ankle stiffness following a fibular fracture with ORIF has yet to return to field work 1 year post fracture. Ashleigh Whiffen will present this case to a panel including Greg Alcock, Deb Treloar, and Dr. Kevin Willits. The panel will discuss clinical diagnoses and treatment strategies. Audience participation is encouraged.

The case will be presented online on May 18, 2021 at 8:00 – 9:30 pm EST.

Case presenter:

Ashleigh Whiffen, PT
Ashleigh graduated with an MSc(PT) from Dalhousie University in 2010. He completed the diploma of Advanced Manual and Manipulative Physiotherapy in 2020. He grew up in St. John’s NFLD, lived in Halifax, NS for 12 years and has been calling beautiful Fort McMurray home since 2011. He served for 8 years in the Canadian Forces. His treatment plans include manual therapy, Functional Dry Needling and places a strong emphasis on home exercises and goal setting with his patients to achieve their therapeutic goals.


Greg Alcock, PT
Greg is an adjunct clinical professor and lecturer in the Kinesiology Faculty and School of Physical Therapy at The University of Western Ontario (UWO). He is an examiner and mentor in the CPA’s Orthopaedic AIM system, and clinical instructor in Western’s MCISc program.  Greg is the Clinical and Research Coordinator for the Physiotherapy Department at the Fowler Kennedy Sport Medicine Clinic, and a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapy. Greg’s graduate work was focused on foot and ankle injuries, prognosis, prediction and evaluating outcomes. His 20 plus years of clinical practice in this area has shaped a clinically relevant and practical perspective to this topic of foot and ankle injuries.

Deb Treloar, PT
Deb Treloar is a partner and clinician at Treloar Physiotherapy Clinic which she and her husband Bill started in 1982.  She graduated from UBC with a BSR. She completed the diploma of Advanced Manual and Manipulative Physiotherapy in 1983. She is a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapy. Deb taught within the Canadian Orthopaedic Division course system and developed a foot and ankle course, The Functional Foot, which she taught nationally.   She has an adjunct professor role at UBC in the GCOMPT program and is a clinical instructor in the UBC School of Physical Therapy.  In 2012 Deb received a Clinical Excellence Award for her work in the area of the foot and ankle from PABC.  She has taken a number of Bobath courses and has a special interest in integrating the neurophysiology underpinning this concept into her orthopaedic practice.

Kevin Willits, MD
Kevin received his M.D. in 1996 from McMaster University. He completed his orthopaedic residency at The University of Western Ontario (UWO) and fellowships in sport medicine and foot and ankle at the Florida Orthopaedic Institute and the Mississippi Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Centre. He returned to London in 2003 where he is an Associate Professor in the Department of Surgery at UWO. Dr. Willits’ primary areas of interest are shoulder, hip, knee, foot and ankle and he is primary investigator or co-investigator in a number of peer-reviewed studies dealing with a range conditions in these areas. Apart from his clinical and research activities, Kevin is responsible for the organization of medical care for Western Mustang athletes. As well, he has been the defensive backfield coach for The University of Western Ontario Mustangs since 2003.

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Pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain and dysfunction:

An update on assessing the force closure mechanism of the pelvis (including the pelvic floor) for orthopaedic physiotherapists

Instructor: Diane Lee

Date and Time:  June 1st, 2021. 7:00pm-8:00pm CST

Background/Relevance to Physiotherapy Practice:

Pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain (PRPGP) effects 70-80% of women and while most will recover, 50% will continue to experience urinary incontinence and/or pelvic organ prolapse in association with their low back and PRPGP. All clinicians who treat postpartum women need to be aware of this statistic and have basic tools for assessment of the pelvic floor and to know when to refer to a pelvic health physiotherapist. This webinar will provide these introductory tools and is intended for orthopaedic physiotherapists.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this webinar, the participant will have an introductory understanding of the following:

  1. Pregnancy-related PGP – prevalence during pregnancy and after
  2. Urinary incontinence prevalence and course through life
  3. Pelvic organ prolapse prevalence and risk factors
  4. Relationship between PGP and urinary incontinence & POP
  5. Requirements for a functional pelvic girdle, with urinary continence and pelvic organ support Form and force closure mechanisms for the pelvic girdle and impact of pain on these mechanisms
  6. Why there are no recipes for PRPGP and skilled clinical reasoning is still our best approach
  7. Common impairments in the muscles of the abdominal canister related to pregnancy
  8. Evidence-informed, clinically reasoned assessment for PRPGP, UI and POP
    1. Active & passive mobility and control tests for the ISJ
    2. Assessment of the abdominal wall and multifidus – NOT the focus of this lecture but some key points
    3. Assessment of the pelvic floor – some tips for orthopaedic physiotherapists
  9. What else can you learn to do to add more tools to your assessment and treatment toolbox for PRPGP, UI and POP?

Diane Lee
Clinical Specialist in Women’s Health

Diane is a UBC graduate in the field of rehabilitation medicine.  She is a fellow of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Therapy (CAMT), certified practitioner of intramuscular stimulation (Gunn IMS) and certified by the Canadian Physiotherapy Association as a clinical specialist in Women’s Health. She was an instructor and chief examiner for CAMT for over 20 years. Diane is also the owner, director, and a practicing physiotherapist at Diane Lee & Associates, a private multi-disciplinary physiotherapy clinic in South Surrey, BC, Canada. In addition, she is the principle instructor of Learn with Diane Lee (www.learnwithdianelee.com). She has been a keynote speaker at many conferences, has contributed chapters to several books and self-published the books The Thorax – An Integrated Approach and Diastasis Rectus Abdominis – A Clinical Guide for Those Split Down the Middle (www.learnwithdianelee.com).  Her book, The Pelvic Girdle, was first published by Churchill Livingstone in 1989, is now in its 4th edition (2011) and has been translated into multiple languages. A new edition of The Thorax – an integrated approach is currently at press with Handspring Publishing. She holds the North American patent for two sacroiliac belts, The Com-Pressor, and The Baby Belly Pelvic Support. With respect to research, she continues to investigate the behaviour of the abdominal wall in women with diastasis rectus abdominis.


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Previous Webinars


Total Knee Replacements in 2021. What’s Current and What’s to Come

Instructor: Dr. Dave Hedden

Date and Time: April 15th, 2021. 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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Webinar summary:


Orthopaedic Physiotherapy Grand Rounds Round 3

  • Case presenter: Blayne Burrows, PT
  • Panelists:
    • Richard Bourassa, PT
    • Vince Cunanan, PT
    • Anita Gross, PT
    • Janet Holly, PT

Date and Time: March 23, 2021 at 8:00 – 9:30 pm EST.

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Session d’information sur le programme intégré de physiothérapie musculosquelettique avancé (#ViserPlusHaut)


Veuillez nous joindre mercredi le 3 mars, à 20h HNE, pour une session d’information sur le programme #ViserPlusHaut de la division orthopédique (DO) offert par Josiane Roberge.

Ce webinaire expliquera le processus visant à devenir certifié FCAMPT par le biais du programme accrédité de la DO, et mettra en évidence les changements et les améliorations apportées au programme.

Ce webinaire gratuit s’adresse à tous ceux et celles qui souhaitent obtenir plus d’informations sur le programme, étudiants autant que gradués.


Title: Treating Long COVID:  A Physiotherapy Perspective

Instructor: Jessica DeMars
Date and Time: February 18th, 2021. 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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Orthopaedic Physiotherapy Grand Rounds Round 2

  • Case presenter:
    • Andrea McAllister, PT DipManip, MClSc(Manip), Instructor and Examiner NOD AIM program
  • Panelists:
    • Joanne Carswell, PT DipManip, MClSc(Manip), Instructor and Examiner NOD AIM program
    • Elaine Maheu, PT DipManip, MClSc(Manip), Instructor and Examiner NOD AIM program
    • Scott Whitmore, PT BSc(PT), MClsc.PT, Dip.Manip.PT, FCAMPT, CGIMS, CIDN
  • January 12, 2021
  • Read the Answers to questions submitted during the presentation.


International Framework for Examination of the Cervical Region for potential of vascular pathologies of the neck prior to Orthopaedic Manual Therapy (OMT) Intervention

  • Lisa Carlesso and Alison Rushton
  • December 17, 2020

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Webinar Summary

Webinar Summary

Orthopaedic Physiotherapy Grand Rounds

  • Case presenter:
    • Jill Robertson PT, MScPT, FCAMPT, Clinical Specialist MSK, Chief Examiner NOD
  • Panelists:
    • Angela Dobson BSc. O.D. Behavioural Optometrist
    • François Landry PT, BScPT, FCAMPT, Examiner NOD
    • Kathryn Schneider PT, Ph.D., DipManip, Assistant Professor, Clinician Scientist
  • Nov. 24, 2020


Femoroacetabular Impingement and physiotherapy: A case and evidence-based discussion

  • Dr. Olufemi Ayeni
  • November 5, 2020

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Webinar Summary

Connection: the missing link

  • Jasdeep Dhir, Jim Millard and Dave Walton
  • August 20, 2020

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Webinar Summary

Webinar summary - Connection

The Internet is free: Progressing past awareness and towards racial justice in physiotherapy

  • Tracy Blake
  • July 9, 2020

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Running Footwear: Evidence-based recommendations and clinical applications for physiotherapists

  • Jean-Francois Esculier
  • June 18, 2020

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Webinar Summary

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For great visuals on how to select a running show visit:


Communication Strategies to Support Client/Patient Behaviour Change

  • Dr. Jennifer Irwin
  • May 13, 2020

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Webinar Summary

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Simplifying the Foot and Ankle – the EEMO Approach

  • Jill Robertson – BSc (PT) 1987, MSc (PT) 2001
  • Apr 23, 2020 – 20:00 (EDT)

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Webinar Summary

Webinar Summary - Foot and Ankle - EEMO Approach

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Update on lateral elbow pain: from research to clinical practice

  • Dr. Leanne Bisset
  • Dec 16, 2019 8:30 PM EST

Webinar Summary

Webinar Summary - Lateral Epicondylitis

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