Vol31N3 – Hip Hip Hooray!


SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2018: HIP HIP HOORAY! Examining the role of the hip in low back pain

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As physiotherapists, we are trained to look at the body functioning as a unit, in which no single area should be assessed in isolation. How does that old song go? “The hip bone is connected to the…?” When assessing a patient’s injury, we are taught not only to consider a multitude of factors including environmental and psychosocial, but to consider regions above and below the area of pain as potential culprits.


Report from Chair

Welcome to your autumn ODR.

The national executive is pleased to have released of the results of the member survey and the strategic plan that will guide us over the next three years. Many of the strategic initiatives are well in progress.


Featured Articles

Clinical decision making in a patient with secondary hip-spine syndrome

Scott A Burns, Paul E Mintken & Gary P Austin

Hip Stiffness Patterns in Lumbar Flexion- or Extension-Based Movement Syndromes

Jason Zafereo, PT, MPT, Raymond Devanna, PT, DPT, Edward Mulligan, PT, DPT, Sharon Wang-Price, PT, PhD


Case Study

The patient is a 25 year old female Athletic Therapist who presented to the clinic with acute thorax and rib pain following a cross-check mid-ice during her ringette game 1 month ago.


Original Submissions

Clinical Decision Making HOAC Written Template


The role of the hip as a contributor to low back pain