Adjunct Education Course – Wonderful Tips for Successful Manips – 2024

Instructor: Francois Landry
Duration: 1 day, 8:30-4:30PM
Date: Saturday, May 4th
Prerequisite: must be an FCAMPT
Location: Ottawa, Holistic Wellness Physiotherapy

Goals and Objectives

This course is an overview on the mechanical actions of vertebral manipulation in an advanced msk  context. It will focus on the diversity of available approaches towards the use of manipulations. The clinician will be able to explore those approaches and personalize that therapeutic gesture. As for the teachers, it will provide tools towards knowledge/ability translation. It is not aimed towards literature search but more on the hands-on reality.

  1. Goals (clinician)
    Be able to recognize the different strategies used to perform spinal manipulation
    Acquire some tools in order to adapt those strategies according to:
    The clinician’s morphology
    His/her temperament
    The patient’s morphology
    The patient’s physical/psychological state
    Integrate these notions in the everyday clinical context to make it a custom-made clinical tool
  2. Goals (mentor/instructor)
    Master the general teaching concepts of spinal manipulations
    Develop his/her observational skills as an instructor
    Use of standard / more frequently used teaching material
    Recognize the difficulties of the apprentice and determine its source(s)
    Offer one or more avenues to enhance the participant’s efficiency (more or less randomly)
    Offer the most efficient modification (with teaching experience)

In preparation for this course, the participants will be asked the manipulation(s) they struggle the most with, so we will be able to custom-make each session. I will need this information  4-6 weeks prior to the course so I can adapt its content for each setting.

Course instructor:

Francois LandryFrancois Landry

Graduated from the Université de Montréal in 1982, François started his career in Calgary, Alta. where he followed the manual therapy curriculum. Back in Montreal in 1985, he follows the first two years of osteopathic practice and then his certificate in advanced integrated musculoskeletal physiotherapy in 1994. Clinical instructor at McGill University from 1989 to 1994 and at Université de Montréal from 1991 to 1994, instructor for the Orthopedic Division and the AQPMA, he has been teaching for the last 34 years.

François has been an examiner of the Orthopedic Division for the last 22 years. He has been teaching levels 4 and 5 for the last 20 years, intermediate and advanced exam prep courses for the last 15 years and has been offering an advanced manipulation course entitled: Wonderful tips for successful manips.

François has also been awarded a CAMPT lifetime membership and more recently, the Golden Hands at the last Orthopedic Division symposium in Winnipeg.


$250 plus tax ($210 plus tax for AIM Instructors)