Teachers Learning

Thank you to our Education Committee for pulling off another great instructor’s meeting for teachers within the Orthopaedic Division.

Website Update

The National Orthopaedic Division has been updating its website functions behind the scenes and combining with the Orthodived site to improve access to information and navigation. We are excited to announce that we are just a couple months away from launching the site. Stay tuned for further updates and information on the ‘go live’ date.

Welcoming Incoming / Transitioning Members and Thanking Outgoing

The National Orthopaedic Division would like to thank Vince Cunanan, Liz Van Zutphen and Anthony Teoli- our Exiting Executive who have dedicated much time and passion to the NOD. The NOD would also like to acknowledge Blayne Burrows who will be transitioning from Vice Chair position into the role of Adjunctive Education Chair. Please see…