An Update from the Chair of NOD Regarding the Proposed Financial Changes by the Canadian Physiotherapy Association

“I am sure many of you are patiently awaiting further updates regarding CPA’s proposed financial changes. Over the past weeks the Division Chair’s Committee (DCC) and I have had extensive communication with CPA and the Board. The push back Brad Brookman and the Board received from our membership was surprising to them – and effective. Brad has commented that he has never received such feedback from other organisations. Thank you all for raising your voices! The previous proposed plan has now been put on hold. CPA is working on an updated proposal for cost allocation for 2018 as a short-term solution. Nothing is being implemented currently. At the DCC meetings in February, CPA hopes to establish a working group, with reps from the Divisions, the National Office, and the Board, to develop a long-term plan for cost allocation for the Divisions. Centralisation of finances is still part of the plan, however Brad has become more clear and consistent regarding the need to ensure funds which currently belong to individual divisions will remain under the control of the division.” — Alison Beaton