IDEA Resources – Addressing Inequity, Discrimination, Equity & Anti-racism in Physiotherapy

Learning and Unlearning: Tools to address Inequity, Discrimination, Equity and Anti-racism in Physiotherapy


Discrimination is a powerful determinant of health. In recent months, we have heard loud and clear that we need to change consider and reflect on our behaviours as they relate personally, in our clinical practices and beyond to support meaningful, lasting change in physiotherapy, healthcare and the world.


As part of our commitment to understanding and combatting racism and discrimination and their role as a health crisis, the NOD has created a Resource Library in an effort to develop a hub for All to develop and grow an understanding of how racism and discrimination affect health, our practice, our profession and us as individuals.
We recognize that we are in the infancy in the development of this Resource Library and we will continue to put in efforts for evolution and growth.
We invite you to explore, share and consider contributing or suggesting additional resources.