The Bert Chesworth Research Honorarium

The Bert Chesworth Research Honorarium (BCRH) was named in honour of Bert Chesworth, the first person to achieve both FCAMPT and PhD credentials. It was created to assist Orthopaedic Division (OD) members to attend conferences and/or symposia at which they will present their own research in poster or presentation formats. In turn, successful applicants will provide original contributions to the Orthopaedic Division Review (ODR). The BCRH will thus support all points of the OD Mission; recipients will be enabled to attend conferences and promote Canadian physiotherapy research while all Orthopaedic Division members will benefit through education and practice advice provided in the ODR. The BCRH is awarded four times a year, for more information and application form look under the “Members” section on the Ortho Div website.