The Evolving, Internationally Recognized, Homegrown Education System

The Orthopaedic Division Syllabus courses are undergoing some exciting changes. With consistent training to its instructors and a move towards an online manual, the OD Education system in Canada is making great steps to continue to provide Excellence in evidenced based education. Start Improving your Clinical Reasoning, Assessment and Treatment Skills. Only our Education system and our affiliate University programs can lead to accreditation within IFOMPT. Access best practices and learn from a community of expert professionals. The long history of excellence, highly qualified instructors, and rigorous examination process ensures professional growth and development through training that is globally recognized and IFOMPT accredited. The mandatory evidenced based research course show an evolving education system that will help you become more confident in your skill. For more information about OD Education and to begin your learning click here. Take a look at our new video highlighting what the OD Education is all about!